Staff & Board of Directors


Abby Ingber

Executive Director

Tina Moore

Family Connections Director

Elizabeth Suga

Family Connections Program Assistant

Doreen Dawson

Family Connections Leader Liaison

Nancy Epstein

Family Connections Leader Liaison

Denice Whiteley

Administrative Coordinator

Board of Directors

Julie Chesley, PhD

Chair of the Board, Chair of Family Connections Committee

Phillip Gorham

Treasurer, Chair of Finance Committee

Jim Yu

Development Committee Member, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Task Force Member

Stacey Ahner, M. Ed.

Chair of Development Committee, Immediate Past Chair

Cathleen M. Payne, JD

Secretary, Chair of Governance Committee

Dave Ackerman

Chair International Task Force

Luciana G. Payne, PhD

Governance Committee Member, Scientific & Research Committee Member, Suicide Prevention/MSTR Committee Member

Kevin Dennehy, CPA, MBA

Finance Committee Member, Governance Committee Member

Brian Riese

Chair of Advocacy Committee

Alan Fruzzetti, PhD

Chair of Scientific & Professional Affairs Committee, Suicide Prevention/MSTR Committee Member

Elizabeth St. Clair

Chair of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Task Force, Governance Committee Member

Silvia Giliotti, PhD, LCSW

Chair of Suicide Prevention/MSTR Committee

Aditi Vijay

Suicide Prevention/MSTR Committee Member, Scientific & Research Committee Member