The Sashbear Foundation

Summer Webinar Series 2020

Current Research on Effective Treatments for PTSD and BPD

Dr. Fitzpatrick discusses how PTSD overlaps with BPD, and how it can impact relationships (eg., family relationships). She will also review the current understanding of treatments for BPD and PTSD.

Managing grief and Loss (audio Only)

This webinar was given in response to the loss of head coach Kevin Thorburn of ESWIM club to all those impacted by his passing.

Discover Mindfulness: What it is and what it isn't

One reason we might want to practice mindfulness is that most of the time we are unwittingly practicing its opposite. This is a gentle introduction to mindfulness by Sashbear supporter and MSBR teacher, Karen Waddell.

Understanding Emotion Dysregulation in BPD

This webinar discusses what we know about how borderline personality disorder (BPD) develops, the role of emotions in BPD, some cutting edge research on the treatment of BPD, as well as how clinicians help people better understand and manage their emotions.

Coping with Emotion Dysregulation During COVID 19

This webinar discusses principles of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and how to tailor and incorporate specific approaches and skills to support family members with Emotion Dysregulation through the challenges of the current pandemic.

NEABPD Webinars

Summer 2020

Helping Each Other Through COVID-19

Due to our overwhelming wait list for Family Connections™ we are offering a webinar series to educate and provide skills to those struggling with a loved one who has characteristics of BPD and/or emotion dysregulation. This is for people who have yet to participate in Family Connections™ or for those who need a refresher.

Racism is an extreme invalidating environment

The Questions you always wanted to ask about BPD and Emotion Dysregulation

Riding the wave of emotions - how FC taught me how to surf

Skills for Surviving a Pandemic with Dr. Emily R. Edwards

What is BPD and Emotion Dysregulation with Beth McCrave

Changing Your Family Environment with Doreen Dawson

Relationship Mindfulness with Dr. Karla Aguirre

Radical Acceptance with Nancy Epstein

Self Validation and Observing Limits with Susan Davidson

Validation with Marie-Paule de Valdivia, MBA, LCSW

Interpersonal Effectiveness with Allison Moyel, MHSE, MT(ASCP)

Managing Fear and Grief with Alan Fruzzetti, PhD

BPD and Families: What’s the Connection?

NEABPD Australia hosted a free Webinar in honor of BPD Awareness Week. Meet some with the lived experience as well as professionals in the field. This webinar included a facilitated interdisciplinary panel discussion, followed by a Q&A session.


  • Dr Perry Hoffman, co-creator of Family Connections and President of the National Education Alliance for BPD;
  • Liz Hodgman, carer peer and Family Connections facilitator;
  • Jake Hodgman, person with lived experience of BPD;
  • Carolyn Bright, DBT clinician Fremantle Hospital and Family Connections leader trainer;
  • Jennie Fitzhardinge, webinar facilitator and Family Connections facilitator, and
  • Terri-Lee Hill, Family Connections facilitator

BPD and Families: What is the Connection? Part 2

Watch a FREE webinar with a panel discussion featuring Cassie Choo, person with lived experience of BPD, Carissa Wright, BPD Peer Support Group Facilitator and Aaron Fornarino, Public Sector Employee, person with lived experience of BPD and Law Student.