Part II: Measurement of Rejection Sensitivity


Dr Downey goes on to discuss how Rejection Sensitivity is measured. Not surprising, individuals who have BPD have a high level of rejection sensitivity as a result of the anxious expectation and concern and the resulting sense of threat that is activated by certain situations. Why is this important? Because by understanding the  underlying reasons for the anger and rage that gets expressed by their BPD patients,  clinicians can become more validating and empathetic in their approach to treatment, and ultimately more effective at treating patients with BPD.




What causes Borderline Personality Disorder

Why are some people vulnerable to developing borderline personality disorder?  What is different about them that puts them at risk?  Do their brains work in a different way?   Scientists and researchers now understand that the brain of a BPD patient is different. See what they are saying and ask yourself, does this make a difference?

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