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Emotional Dysregulation and an Invalidating Environment

Individuals with BPD know all to well how it feels.  Extreme sensitivity coupled with an invalidating environment = extreme reactions and a slow return to baseline. Our poster for May Awareness illustrates what it feels like. This poster was donated and we want to thank everyone who helped put it together.

It is also validating to have an expert like Dr. Miller, Psy.D. explain these symptoms of emotional dysregulation and comforting to know there are professionals who get it. Thank you Dr. Miller.

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Why Should It Matter?

Dr. Aguirre goes on to discuss why it is so important to eliminate the negative attitudes towards people with any mental illness, especially with BPD, which continues to be stigmatized, misunderstood and misdiagnosed. It is critically important to educate to reduce stigma so that this disorder will move out from the shadows and into the light, where there is so mwhy does it matteruch hope for recovery.

Positive Reasons for Diagnosing BPD

Dr. Blaise Aguirre, MD Assistant Professor of psychiatry at Harvard medical school and Medical Director 3East DBT Program, McLean Hospital spoke at our LA Conference and presented severl very important reasons that clinicians should not be reticent to give a BPD diagnosis chairs and patientwhenever appropriate. The diagnosis of BPD, contrary to popular belief, can be validating for patients and their families.

We welcome hearing about your experience–please post a comment on our blog.

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