Notes from Professionals

One of NEABPD’s major goals is to publish educational materials on BPD, and to do so in a manner that people who are not familiar with the disorder can understand, while those who are dealing with the disorder – personally, as a family member, or as a treatment provider – have material that they can use to help others understand the impact of the disorder on people’s lives.

Our aim then is the dissemination of information in a highly readable way. We find that people often wish to obtain some written material to share and explain aspects of the disorder. This Notes from Professionals section will address the issues people have raised in their contact with NEABPD or in the Question and Answer sessions at the annual Family Perspectives conferences.

We are most appreciative to the professionals whose contributions help to open this avenue of communication with our readers.

The Etiology of BPD

Families Can Not Go it Alone

Borderline Personality Disorder:
Two Researchers’ Perspectives
Two personal accounts from academic psychiatrists about the power of contact with consumers and families in inspiring a field to take bold steps in understanding borderline personality disorder.