NEABPD is honored and pleased to announce that several major institutions committed to treating borderline personality  disorder have joined the NEABPD effort.  McLean Hospital is supporting several NEABPD initiatives.    The UCLA Semal Institute co-sponsored the Family Connections Training in Los Angeles in February.  The support of these major institutions is a testament to their confidence in our work and we are gratefully appreciative of their vote of confidence.   ♦♦ New posted  recording:  Audio from “If Only We had Known: A Review of Borderline Personality Disorder,”  ♦♦ The meeting at SAMHSA headquarters on Nov 9th  was an historic meeting with NIMH, SAMHSA, NAMI and NEABPD working on initiatives to address the needs of the BPD community.

To an invited-room only the opening remarks by SAMHSA Director, A. Kathryn Powers titled Bringing the Gifts of Those on the Margin into the Center: Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery for Borderline Personality Disorder  (click here for speech) set the stage for the morning lectures by Drs. John GundersonJohn Oldham, Marsha Linehan and Blaise Aguirre and also set the stage for the discussion that followed in the afternoon.   A family member and a woman in recovery along with a presentation on NEABPD’s Family Connections Program and Dr Jim Breiling from NIMH completed the presentations. A full transcript on the day will be made available shortly. Stay tuned.

♦ The Atlanta conference was held Friday November 4th at The Carter Center. The room was filled without an empty seat where people came to hear Drs Ken Silk, Blaise Aguirre, Brian Palmer along with Randi Kreger, author of Stop Walking on Eggshells. Conference video coming next week. ♦ The video presentations from the Friday October 21st event in New York City are now posted as well as some photos. Go to Events and Meet and Greet and watch Amanda Wang, Drs Cuthbert, Hogan, Oldham, Pardes and Stanley. ♦ Reminder to sign up for the free  Call-In Sunday Series and if you missed a presentation, audio recordings from previous weeks are posted. ♦ The Federal Partners BPD Meeting is coming up on Wednesday November 9th in DC. with a summary to follow.  Family Connections training in Atlanta Nov 5 and 6th with over 50 people training to become leaders.

October 27: The Meet and Greet Event last week in New York City was an evening with top researchers presenting on BPD.  The  talks were videotaped and are now posted on the site.  Please go to the left hand column on the Home Page and look under New York Meet and Greet.  In addition to the videos, we have also posted the slides of the presenters as well as a summary written by clinician in the audience.  The room was filled to capacity and the audience had the opportunity to talk with the presenters including Dr. John Oldham, President of the American Psychiatric Association.

This Friday November 4th NEABPDhosted the conference Borderline Personality Disorder: Basics and Beyond in Atlanta Georgia at The Carter Center.   Speakers included Drs Blaise Aguirre, Brian Palmer, and Ken Silk in the morning.  In the afternoon, Randi Kreger, author of Stop Walking on Eggshells as well as a family member and trainer for Family Connections presenedt along with a panel on issues related to borderline personality disorder.  Panelists were Dr Makungu Akinyela, Dawn Smith and Michael Popkin. A discussion with the panelists and morning speakerswas moderated by Elizabeth Cohen, from CNN.

The weekend also brought to Atlanta over 50 people coming to the training for Family Connection, the 12-week course offered by NEABPD.

We are pleased to introduce you to several new features on our site. Both are on the right hand columns of our Home Page.  First, NEWS and PROGRAMS brings you the current information on borderline personality disorder and co-occurring disorders as well as describes the latest programs we have for family members.

Current in the section is the upcoming meeting in November co-sponsored by SAMHSA (Services and Mental Health and Substance Abuse Administration), NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and NEABPD (National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder). Please go to our NEWS Corner for full information.

Second new feature is our Call-In Series also housed on the right hand column of the Home Page.   This is a call-in series of 10 calls that ran though December where BPD professionals gave of their time to do a presentation on their area of expertise.  Calls were  Sunday evenings from 8pm to 9pm EST.   To sign up for the Winter Series calls and receive a call-in number, send an email to with Subject of the email CALL-IN.  Include your name and phone number in the body of the message. Handouts will be posted the morning of the call and can be downloaded by clicking Free NEABPD Call-In Series on the Home Page.

For people unable to listen live to any or all of the calls,  NEABPD is recording each of the calls and the recordings are posted along with the handouts.  To date, we have four call-in recordings for you to listen now from the past month.  Go to Call-In Series on the right column on the Home Page.   We hope you find them valuable.

For those of you coming to NEABPD for the first time, we are a not-for-profit organization started 10 years ago by family members, consumers and one mental health professional.  An all-volunteer organization, we hope you find the site valuable for your needs and that you will visit us frequently for the latest news and information.   Again, warm welcome to the NEABPD community, Perry D. Hoffman, Ph.D.  President, NEABPD