Opportunities to Work and Volunteer

Opportunities to Work and Volunteer

Are You/Do You


Self-Motivated and Detail Oriented?


Tech-Savy, Open Minded and Approachable?


Have an A+ Emotional Intelligence?


Have Lived Experiences (Leader Liaison)?


Have a Sense of Humor and Practice Self-Care?


Catch on Fast and/or Work Hard to Learn?


Optimistic and Passionate about our Cause?

Are You/Do You

  • Self-Motivated and Detail Oriented?
  • Tech-Savy, Open Minded and Approachable?
  • Have an A+ Emotional Intelligence?
  • Have Lived Experiences (Leader Liaison)?
  • Have a Sense of Humor and Practice Self-Care?
  • Catch on Fast and/or Work Hard to Learn?
  • Optimistic and Passionate about our Cause?


Paid Opportunities

Coordinator of FC-MSTR Program

FC-MSTR: As we move from the research phase to the implementation of FC-MSTR, NEABPD is excited to launch our new program on a larger scale and more broadly. FC-MSTR courses, led by volunteer peers and clinicians, provide psychoeducation, skills, and support to family members who have a loved one who has attempted suicide or has had severe trauma. FC-MSTR is offered as an intensive 2-day or 12-week program that meets weekly for 2 hours.org.

Summary of role: The Coordinator of FC-MSTR will oversee the implementation of our FC-MSTR program, including day-to-day administrative tasks and operational activities.

Our Coordinator will:

  • Be the lead staff on our FC-MSTR implementation committee.
  • Coordinate classes and register participants for FC-MSTR.
  • Oversee the creation of new materials and implement leader support and mentoring for FC-MSTR.
  • Serve as a resource to our trained FC-MSTR leaders.

The person will work remotely on their schedule and be in contact with the team via phone, email, and video conference calls.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Plan FC-MSTR programs involving deadlines, milestones, and processes from start to completion.
  2. Supervise all FC-MSTR volunteer leaders providing feedback and resolving complex problems.
  3. Discover ways to enhance the efficiency and productivity of procedures and people.
  4. Serves as a central point person for FC-MSTR, including building relationships and communicating with various stakeholders (leaders, partners, committee members, and participants).
  5. Help standardize FC-MSTR materials and maintain quality control of the material.
  6. Devise evaluation strategies to monitor performance and determine the need for improvements.
  7. Collaborate with the FC-MSTR Implementation Committee to determine needed policies and procedures to support the success and growth of FC-MSTR.
  8. Perform miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

Minimum Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree; at least five years of experience working directly with program development and implementation and with clients, customers, or students.
  • Minimal travel to Leader Trainings and Weekend Intensives may be required.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:

  • Ability to coordinate and organize meetings and special events.
  • Tech-savvy with the ability to learn new technology quickly.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with various stakeholders.
  • Ability to interact with staff, volunteers, and our leaders in a team environment.
  • Knowledge of Family ConnectionsTM or FC-MSTR is helpful in this role. Will train  for the right candidate.
  • Skill in organizing resources and establishing priorities.

Working Conditions and Physical Effort:

  • No or minimal physical effort is required.
  • No or very limited exposure to physical risk.
  • Work is typically performed remotely.

To apply, please email a cover letter and resume to abby@neabpd.org. Please include your name and FC-MSTR Coordinator in the email’s subject line.


Download: Job Description Coordinator of MSTR

Become a Board Member

Expectations for NEABPD Board Service:

  • know NEA’s mission, programs and needs
  • follow the bylaws, policies and board resolutions
  • fulfill their Duties of Care, Loyalty and other Obligations
  • commit to participate in at least one committee or task force
  • give a meaningful-to-you personal financial donation each year to NEABPD
  • help identify personal connections, networks and resources that can benefit the organization’s fundraising, reputational standing, and public policy advocacy
  • serve as an active advocate and ambassador for NEABPD
  • prepare for, attend and conscientiously participate in all board meetings
  • sign an annual conflicts-of-interest disclosure statement, update it during the year whenever actual or potential conflicts emerge, and abstain on any related votes
  • maintain confidentiality about all matters internal to NEA


NEABPD Board Member Application


For more information on becoming a board member please contact abby@neabpd.org.

Serve on a Committee

Our Committees

The Governance Committee meets monthly via video conference to ensure non profit best principles are being practiced in all areas of NEABPD.  This committee serves as the nomination committee for the Board of Directors.

The Finance Committee provides oversight, reporting, and strategic counsel to the Board of Directors regarding NEABPD’s financials assets so that the organization can achieve its mission (Committee is in formation).  Committee will meet monthly via video conference call.

The Suicide Prevention Committee (SPC) was established to create a working group to engage in suicide prevention efforts in overlapping communities. Recognizing the role that BPD often plays in suicidal and self-injurious behavior, SPC encourages and supports the involvement of families in suicide prevention efforts. The committee meets as needed – approximately quarterly, via video conference call.

The Recovery Resources Committee endeavors to seek resources and promote policies that will aid individuals in their recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder. The committee meets quarterly via video conference call.

The Family Connection Committee meets monthly via video conference call to establish policies and procedures for Family Connections.

The Research Committee serves as a liaison between persons engaged in research, the Board of NEABPD and the public.  This committee meets as needed and conducts much of its work through email.

The Marketing / PR Committee (in formation) will develop a marketing plan for outreach, engagement and support.  Committee will meet monthly via video conference call.

We also have a variety of task forces that work on a smaller project for a set period of time.  Some examples of task forces include:

  • Activities Beyond Family Connections
  • Advocacy
  • Family Connections Online

We ask our committee members to:

  1. Make a serious commitment to participate actively in the committee’s work, including substantive participation in meetings and discussions;
  2. Volunteer for and willingly accept assignments and complete them thoroughly and on time;
  3. Stay informed about committee matters, prepare well for meetings, and review and comment on minutes and reports;
  4. Get to know other committee members and build a collegial working relationship that contributes to consensus;
  5. Actively participate in the committee’s annual evaluation.

Want to get involved and serve on a committee.  Please email abby@neabpd.org stating the committee you want to get involved with and why you want to get more involved in that committee.

Donate Free Time / Clerical Office Help

Have a couple hours a week to provide clerical support to our staff.  Can be done in your home.  Knowledge with either Excel or Microsoft Office required.

Please email abby@neabpd.org for more information.