New Harbinger Publications book with Perry D. Hoffman, Ph.D. and John G. Gunderson, MD.   The book will be the only anthology of firsthand stories from sufferers of Borderline Personality Disorder sharing their deeply personal perspectives and the myriad ways that this often misunderstood disorder has affected their lives.     Called “Crossing the Border,” potential chapter authors are asked to write a 300 word abstract for submission outlining their proposed story for inclusion in the book.  The deadline for abstract submission is July 1, 2014   First-round selections will be made after all entries are received and reviewed.  Full story acceptance will be finalized after the submission of an invited story (approximately 4,000 words.)     Confidentiality and anonymity of entries will be honored.     All book proceeds will go to support the work of the National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder.   For any questions, please contact