Family members, many of you have asked for MINDFULNESS PRACTICES. Here are some. Join me in practicing mindfulness every day, and posting your favorites in response to this post!

This one is the one we all start with, as those of you who have taken a Family Connections class know: simply BREATHING. To bring our pure, non judgmental mindfulness to the moment, we focus on the one thing that is with us at all times: our breath. We can count one in, one out; one in, two out; etc. all the way to 10 and then back down. We want to focus on the sensations of the breath going in, and the sensations of the breath going out, and gently notice when our mind wanders, bringing it back non-judgmentally to our breathing when it does wander. Which it will, frequently, especially at first. I remember when i had one wandering thought per breath, literally! Be patient with yourself, and be sure to congratulate yourself at the end of each daily practice, simply for having done it.

For the BREATHING mindfulness practice, here is a twist that focuses more on acceptance: for each in breath, say to yourself: ” it is…” and for each out breath: “as it is.”