NEABPD invites you to share with the BPD community your way of supporting BPD Awareness.   Please send an email to  Subject: Awareness.  In the message, write what you are doing for awareness.   Also, go to and click “like.”   Thank you!

K writes: “I am wearing a ladybug pin every day.  I have a red one, blue one, and green one to try to coordinate it with my clothing.
I also did something really scary and made two flyers about BPD based on information from your website and NAMI.  One takes the percentage of people with a personality disorder and breaks it down into averages among well-known groups, such as the number of members of Congress, etc., ending with the number of people in my division at work.  I hung them up two days ago.  This morning, someone else in my office that I haven’t worked with very much came up to me and said that she has BPD, too, and thanked me for being bold and posting them.  She said it had made her day and asked for copies for herself.”


Read a brochure written by Dani Z. BPD_Brochure