We’re focusing on the DBT Skill of Distracting with “Wise Mind ACCEPTS.” ACCEPTS stands for the many different ways you can distract yourself from painful emotions when you need to. “Contributing” to others is the first C in ACCEPTS.
Contributing to others is a way to distract yourself when you are coping with painful emotions and it’s also a great skill for this difficult time. How do you “Contribute” to distract yourself? You can contribute by volunteering, writing a letter to someone who has helped you, giving clothes to a charity, helping someone learn something you know how to do, or even smiling at someone who is being ignored by others.
You can post encouraging messages, check in with elderly relatives by phone or video, or maybe order groceries to be delivered to someone who is on the front lines in providing health care.

Do online volunteer opportunities appeal to you? Writing letters or cards to nursing home residents? Perhaps you know how to sew and can make a few masks to share with neighbors. Helping with cooking and other chores at home might be another greatly-appreciated contribution.

What ideas do you have about how to practice Contribute? Sharing your ideas with others would also be contributing!
Karyn Hall, PhD., May 7, 2020