Dr Zanarini is Professor, Harvard  Medical School and McLean Hospital.  Dr. Zanarini will be honored at the 165th Annual Conference of the American Psychiatric Association Convention in Philadelphia in May by the Borderline Personality Disorder Resource Center.  Congratulation to Mary! A long-time friend and supporter of NEABPD.

Quote from the American Journal of Psychiatry ” Mary Zanarini and her colleagues at McLean Hospital have now followed for more than a decade nearly 300 former inpatients with borderline personality disorder. For their prospective study reported in this issue of the Journal, they reinterviewed these patients at 2-year intervals over 12 years in an effort to answer three highly important questions about borderline personality disorder: How many of them eventually become well? How long did their progress to remission take? And how many remained stably well without succumbing to another episode of illness?