Borderline What?

On May 11, 2012, for BPD awareness month, in collaboration with Blaise Aguirre from McLean Hospital, CAMH and NEABPD, the parents of Sasha Courey Menu, a young gilr who committed suicide last June 16th, launched their School Talks on BPDin Canada. continues to make waves, spreading awareness about BPD or shall we now say Emotional Personality Disorder. Dr Blaise Aguirre was a keynote speaker in today’s presentation at White Oaks Secondary School just outside of Toronto, Ontario. Dr Aguirre and the rest of the speakers from team performed admirably and delivered once again an emotional and educational presentation to a captive audience of 500+ students! To date, has presented Borderline…What? – a message of hope to approximately 1200 students in the greater Toronto area, and this is the beginning.”