Share your thoughts and questions on this first of the series “Connecting the Dots.” The Beginning, recorded on March 25th, is the kickoff of the conversational hour hosted by Charlie Swenson and Kelly Koerner. Join their dialogue by posting a comment for further discussion.  Go to the column on the right on this Home Page.

“Last Sunday evening Kelly and I had our first one hour on-the-air “conversation” (for those who registered) through the sponsorship of NEABPD, called “Connecting the Dots.”  It being something very new and different for the two of us to do, and something that will evolve in response to experience and feedback, we are hoping to get input from those who listen.  We’d like to know if it is useful, interesting, enjoyable, boring, obnoxious, offensive, or anything else.  Or, we’d love to hear particular reactions and thoughts to particular comments and discussions between me and Kelly, and suggestions of ideas to try out in the future.
So listen to the recording of the call, to make comment on it, go the the upper right hand corner on the Home Page, click on “Posts”, and you can see other comments and add your own.  Thanks in advance for any feedback.  Our next conversation in the “Connecting the Dots” series will be on Apirl 29.  Check out the website for information on how to register and what the topic will be (not designated yet).”