Charlie Swenson's podcast To Hell and Back - Italy, the US, the pandemic and DBT ( part 2 of 2) - Episode 72

by Charlie Swenson, MD | To Hell and Back

I will be joined by Maria Elena Ridolfi, a friend, colleague, DBT expert, and a leading public sector psychiatrist in Northern Italy. Maria and I will compare notes about personal and professional experiences and DBT perspectives on the crisis. Maria has lived and worked through some shockingly troubling times in Northern Italy in recent weeks, and has been helpful to me in understanding things that are “arriving” in the U.S. and other parts of Europe. I have no doubt that a dialogue about Italy, America, DBT, and the pandemic will be helpful to all of us. Maria and I will be joined by Laura Coverlizza, who lives with her husband and children near Milan, who is the interpreter for all of my DBT workshops in Italy, and who will provide consecutive interpretation into Italian throughout the Zoomcast/podcast so that it will also be accessible to the large Italian DBT and CBT community.