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As most of you know, our organization, The Sashbear Foundation, a charitable organization, has been offering Family Connections, an evidenced based skills program created by NEABPD, for free in the community since 2014. The program is run by volunteers who donate their time and passion to the cause. In 2014 we had only 1 group running in the community and this year we will have done 30 groups, in 2016 alone!
With the success and increasing demand for the program, we have started to expand to communities across Canada. In order to continue the expansion, we need more funding. To this end, we have applied for community funding through the Aviva Community Fund contest.
Today, we are asking you to support us by voting for our project. Only the top 30 projects with the most votes will have a chance to get funding. Your participation will help us tremendously to finish on the top 30.

I added the direct link below. Please register first with your email and then you get 18 votes for any project. We hope you will add them all for the Sashbear project – every vote counts. J
Family Connections – Canadian Expansion Project

If you want more information, please feel free to contact me. Thank you in advance for your consideration and support!
Feel free to share with others.

Yours in skills and hope,
Lynn Courey