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Haltigan & Vaillancourt (2016) – Identifying Trajectories of Borderline Personality Features in Adolescence: Antecedent and Interactive Risk Factors

Homan et al (2016) – Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment – Five-Year Prospective Investigation of Self-Harm/Suicide-Related Behaviors in the Development of Borderline Personality Disorder

Huynh (2016) – Sleep-Wake Patterns of Adolescents with Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder

Infurna (2016) – Childhood adversities and psychopathological outcomes

Infurna et al. (2016) – Parents’ childhood experiences of bonding and parental psychopathology predict borderline personality disorder during adolescence in offspring

Kaess et al (2016) – Dual-task performance under acute stress in female adolescents with borderline personality disorder

Kalpakci et al (2016) – The Independent Contributions Of Emotion Dysregulation And Hypermentalization To The “Double Dissociation” Of Affective And Cognitive Empathy In Female Adolescent Inpatients With Bpd

Kaplan et al (2016) – Borderline personality disorder in youth: The prospective impact of child abuse on non-suicidal self-injury and suicidality

Kimmel et al (2016) – Age-related parieto-occipital and other gray matter changes in borderline personality disorder: A meta-analysis of cortical and subcortical structures

Koenig et al (2016) – Resting cardiac function in adolescent non-suicidal self-injury: The impact of borderline personality disorder symptoms and psychosocial functioning

Konrad et al (2016) – Early trauma: long lasting, difïcult to treat and transmitted to the next generation

Laulik, Sarah. Allam, Jayne Browne, Kevin (2016) – Maternal Borderline Personality Disorder and Risk of Child Maltreatment.

Lazarus et al (2016) – AWithin-Person Analysis of the Association between Borderline Personality Disorder and Alcohol Use in Adolescents

MacMillan et al (2016) – Clinical Perspectives

Martín-Blanco, Ana. Ferrer, Marc, Soler, Joaquim, Arranz, Maria, Vega, Daniel, Calvo, Natalia, Elices, Matilde, Sanchez-Mora, Cristina, García-Martinez, Iris, Salazar, Juliana, Carmona, Cristina, Bauzà, Joana, Prat, Mónica, Pérez, Víctor, Pascual, Juan (2016) – The role of hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal genes and childhood trauma in borderline personality disorder.

Mehlum et al (2016) – SUICIDE RESEARCH: SELECTED READINGS – Volume 16

Nakar et al (2016) – Developmental trajectories of self-injurious behavior, suicidal behavior and substance misuse and their association with adolescent borderline personality pathology

Nicastro et al (2016) – Psychometric properties of the French borderline symptom list, short form (BSL-23)

Ramos et al (2016) – The relation between attachment, personality, internalizing, and externalizing dimensions in adolescents with borderline personality disorder

Scott et al (2016) – Pupillary and affective responses to maternal feedback and the development of borderline personality disorder symptoms

Sharp (2016) – Bridging the gap: the assessment and treatment of adolescent personality disorder in routine clinical care

Sharp et al (2016) – First empirical evaluation of the link between attachment, social cognition and borderline features in adolescents

Somma et al (2016) – Reliability and clinical usefulness of the personality inventory for DSM-5 in clinically referred adolescents: A preliminary report in a sample of Italian inpatients

Stepp et al (2016) – Negative emotional reactivity as a marker of vulnerability in the development of borderline personality disorder symptoms

Thomsen et al (2016) – Neurocognitive Deficits In Borderline Personality Disorder: Associations With Childhood Trauma And Dimensions Of Personality Psychopathology

Utzinger, Linsey M . Haukebo, Justine E., Simonich, Heather, Wonderlich, Stephen A., Cao, Li Lavender, Jason M, Mitchell, James E., Engel, Scott G., Crosby, Ross D. (2016) – A latent profile analysis of childhood trauma in women with bulimia nervosa: Associations with borderline personality disorder psychopathology.

Verbeke et al (2016) – A Five-Factor Model of Developmental Personality Pathology Precursors

Winsper et al (2016) – The aetiological and psychopathological validity of borderline personality disorder in youth: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Winsper, Marwaha et al (2016) – A systematic review of the neurobiological underpinnings of borderline personality disorder (BPD) in childhood and adolescence

Wright et al (2016) – Developmental Trajectories of Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms and Psychosocial Functioning in Adolescence

Arola et al (2016) – Borderline personality disorder associates with violent criminality in women: A population based follow-up study of adolescent psychiatric inpatients in Northern Finland

Auerbach et al (2016) – Electrocortical Reactivity During Self-referential Processing in Female Youth With Borderline Personality Disorder

Bartsch, Dianna R. Roberts, Rachel M., Davies, Matthew., Proeve, Michael (2016) – Understanding the Experience of Parents with a Diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder.

Beck et al (2016) – Mentalization-based treatment in groups for adolescents with borderline personality disorder (BPD) or subthreshold BPD versus treatment as usual (M-GAB): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Bo et al (2016) – Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment – First Empirical Evaluation of Outcomes for Mentalization-Based Group Therapy for Adolescents With BPD

Brinkley et al (2017) – Sending and receiving text messages with sexual content: Relations with early sexual activity and borderline personality features in late adolescence

Calancie et al (2016) – New Research Posters

Choi-Kain et al (2016) – Evidence-Based Treatments for Borderline Personality Disorder: Implementation, Integration, and Stepped Care

Courtney & Makinen (2016) – Impact of Diagnosis Disclosure on Adolescents with Borderline Personality Disorder

De Bolle et al (2016) – Exploring the complexity of the childhood trait–psychopathology association: Continuity, pathoplasty, and complication effects

Degenhardt et al (2016) – New Research Posters

Dixon-Gordon (2016) – The Main and Interactive Effects of Maternal Interpersonal Emotion Regulation and Negative Affect on Adolescent Girls…

Eyden et al (2016) – A systematic review of the parenting and outcomes experienced by offspring of mothers with borderline personality pathology: Potential mechanisms and clinical implications

Fossati et al (2016) – Psychometric Properties of the Borderline Personality Features Scale for Children-11 (BPFSC-11) in a Sample of Community Dwelling Italian Adolescents

Frias et al (2016) – Comorbidity between bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder: Prevalence, explanatory theories, and clinical impact

Gersh (2016) – Alliance rupture and repair processes and therapeutic change in youth with borderline personality disorder

Gimeno et al (2016) – Various studies

Guile (2016) – Familial and Clinical Correlates in Depressed Adolescents with Borderline Personality Disorder Traits

Haltigan & Vaillancourt – BPFS-C (2016) – The Borderline Personality Features Scale for Children (BPFS-C): Factor Structure and Measurement Invariance across Time and Sex in a Community-Based Sample



Sajadi et al (2015) – Predicting Borderline Personality Features on the Basis of Alexithymia and Attitude toward Mother

Schluter-Muller et al (2015) – Assessment and Treatment of Identity Pathology During Adolescence


Scott et al (2015) – Daily Shame and Hostile Irritability in Adolescent Girls with Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms

Sharp & Fonagy (2015) – Practitioner Review: Borderline personality disorder in adolescence – recent conceptualization, intervention, and implications for clinical practice

Sharp & Kalpakci (2015) – If It Looks Like a Duck and Quacks Like a Duck: Evaluating the Validity of Borderline Personality Disorder in Adolescents

Sharp & Kim (2015) – Recent Advances in the Developmental Aspects of Borderline Personality Disorder

Sharp & Vanwoerden (2015) – Hypermentalizing in Borderline Personality Disorder: A Model and Data

Sharp et al (2015) – First evidence of a prospective relation between avoidance of internal states and borderline personality disorder features in adolescents

Simonsen et al (2015) – Personality Disorders in Adolescence: Introduction to the Special Issue

Steele et al (2015) – Attachment in Adolescence and Borderline Personality Disorder

Stockdale et al (2015) – Borderline personality disorder features, jealousy, and cyberbullying in adolescence

Tackett et al (2015) – Estradiol and cortisol interactions in youth externalizing psychopathology

van Alebeek et al (2015) – Comparison of Three Questionnaires to Screen for Borderline Personality Disorder in Adolescents and Young Adults

Wagner et al (2015) – Reliability and Validity of the Life Problems Inventory, A Self-Report Measure of Borderline Personality Features, in a College Student Sample

Whalen et al (2015) – Brief Report: Borderline Personality Symptoms and Perceived Caregiver Criticism in Adolescents

Winsper & Wolke e – Prospective associations between prenatal adversities and borderline personality disorder at 11–12 years

Winsper et al (2015) – Clinical and psychosocial outcomes of borderline personality disorder in childhood and adolescence: a systematic review

Yen et al (2015) – Borderline Personality Disorder in Transition Age Youth with Bipolar Disorder

Zeng et al (2015) – Assessing the contribution of borderline personality disorder and features to suicide risk in psychiatric inpatients with bipolar disorder, major depression and schizoaffective disorder

Zhang et al (2015) – Neurological soft signs in adolescents with borderline personality traits

Fossati (2015) – Diagnosing Borderline Personality Disorder During Adolescence: A Review of the Published Literature

Frankel-Waldheter (2015) – Effect of Maternal Autonomy and Relatedness and Borderline Personality Disorder on Adolescent Symptomatology

German et al (2015) – Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Suicidal Latina Adolescents: Supplemental Dialectical Corollaries and Treatment Targets

Goodman (2015) – Interaction structures between a child and two therapists in the psychodynamic treatment of a child with borderline personality disorder

Greenfield et al (2015) – Correlates, stability and predictors of borderline personality disorder among previously suicidal youth

Hallquist et al (2015) – Poor Self-Control and Harsh Punishment in Childhood Prospectively Predict Borderline Personality Symptoms in Adolescent Girls

Kaplan et al (2015) – Boundary Ambiguity and Borderline Personality Traits: Implications for Treatment for Adolescent Girls in Foster Care

Kerr et al (2015) – The ‘Self’ and Borderline Personality Disorder: Conceptual and Clinical Considerations

Knafo et al (2015) – Coping Strategies Associated With Suicidal Behaviour in Adolescent Inpatients With Borderline Personality Disorder

Kongerslev et al (2015) – Personality Disorder in Childhood and Adolescence comes of Age: a Review of the Current Evidence and Prospects for Future Research

Lebel et al (2015) – Troubles de la personnalité a` l’adolescence : état des connaissances et facteurs de risque

Luda¨scher et al (2015) – Pain perception in female adolescents with borderline personality disorder

Lyons-Ruth et al (2015) – Role Confusion And Disorientation In Young Adult-Parent Interaction Among Individuals With Borderline Symptomatology

Macfie et al (2015) – Parent–child role-confusion: A critical review of an emerging concept

Nicolò (2015) – Modifications to the Technique of Analysis of BPD Adolescents

Normandin et al (2015) – Transference-Focused Psychotherapy for Borderline Adolescents: A Neurobiologically Informed Psychodynamic…

Rathus, Campbell et al (2015) – Treatment Acceptability Study of Walking The Middle Path, a New DBT Skills Module for Adolescents and their Families

Rathus, Wagner et al (2015) – Psychometric Evaluation of the Life Problems Inventory, a Measure of Borderline Personality Features in Adolescents

Reuter et al (2015) – Sexual Orientation and Borderline Personality Disorder Features in a community sample of adolescents

Reuter, Sharp, Temple et al (2015) – The Relation Between Borderline Personality Disorder Features and Teen Dating Violence

Ryan et al (2015) – Borderline personality pathology in young people at ultra high risk of developing a psychotic disorder