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“Growing up online: teens, social media, and who belongs here anyway?”
Presenter: Dr. Saul Zelan

Since 2009 the rate of suicide related diagnoses in teens has increased 287%. It is tempting to compare the timeline of this observation to the rise in popularity of the smartphone. But what exactly is the connection between these phenomena? How concerned should you be about the effects of “the internet” on your child or teen?This presentation explores these questions in the context of applying the theory and practice of the Family Connections™ program to the process of teen development and individuation. .

“Skills? Not today.”
Presenter: Dr. Lucy Payne

We’ve all had them. Times we needed to choose.
To use skills or decide… Nope. Not today.
What happened? What got in the way?
Dr. Lucy Payne explores common, real-life cases of “too tired to try” and
“this time I want to be right… not effective!”

“The art of the repair.”
Presenter: Dr. Lucy Payne

As a follow-up to the webinar “Skills? Not Today.”, Dr. Lucy Payne presents the Art of the Repair. You’ll learn some tools and tips for when you haven’t been your most skillful self, or for those moments when you know you are on the road to conflict and need to slow things down. Includes a repair roleplay!

“When Grief is Good”
Presenter: Dr. Cindy Finch, LCSW

When life falls hard on families what are they to do? Family Connections™ provides a comprehensive set of skills and support for these families. But what’s next? Developing what scientists call Post-traumatic growth is a possibility. Born out of research based on resiliency, Cindy Finch, author and therapist will guide hopeful families to their next steps.
Cindy Finch mentioned the Pivot Procesas and the website is https://www.lovetopivot.com/.

“Exploring the Myths & Benefits of DBT”
Presenters: Blaise Aguirre, MD and Gillian Galen, PsyD

Skills taught in Family Connections™ are based on dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). They have improved the lives of thousands around the world that are currently in relationships with someone who struggles with BPD or emotion dysregulation. Learn what’s needed to be a more skillful version of yourself to your life and to the relationships you care about.

FC Alumni Institute – Live a Skillful Life

” In-depth: Using the DEAR MAN Skill”
Presenter: Kelly Guynes, LCSW-S

Presenter: Eric

Mindfulness is the core skill which all of the other FC Skills flow out of. We can respond more skillfully and effectively if we’re aware of what’s happening in ourselves and the situation.

Presenter: Tina Moore

Being in a relationship with a person who struggles to regulate their emotions can be tough. To keep the peace, we may do things we normally wouldn’t do… and then feel resentment. Sometimes, we focus on their life and neglect to live our own. Let’s explore what’s getting in the way of our own self-care and reclaim our personal oxygen mask!

“Nurturing Wisdom: The Core DBT Skill Of Wise Mind”
Presenter: Marie-Paule de Valdivia, LCSW, MBA

How and why do we make the choices we make? In order to reach our long term goals, in order to live our best life, we must hone the ability to reflect and choose to act from a centered state of uniquely personal wisdom. Yet often our emotions direct us one way, and our logic another. We notice this when we find ourselves acting repeatedly in a way that we know is not effective. How can we change course? In DBT, we refer to three states of mind: emotion mind, rational mind and wise mind. How can we detect emotion mind? Identify rational mind? Build on both to get to a centered decision that feels solid, coherent? And model the ability to engage wise mind for our loved ones? This webinar answers these questions and illuminates how to “walk the middle path” towards our own “life worth living” goals.

“Validation: Am I doing it right?”
Presenters: Doreen Dawson & Tina Moore, FC Leaders

Validating another person can be a challenge. (Especially if they are experiencing high emotions!) We know firsthand that this super power can bring down an emotional temperature in an instant. However, it takes practice, patience, and perseverance. This 1-hour webinar includes four validation roleplays that demonstrate this important skill!

“In-depth: Using the D.E.A.R.M.A.N. skill”
Presenter: Kelly Guynes, LCSW-S

Increase your knowledge and use of the interpersonal effectiveness skill, DEAR MAN, to better reach life and relationship objectives! This webinar includes many examples of common situations and practical guidance!

“Opposite Action: A Life Hack for Hard Times”
Presenter: Marie-Paule de Valdivia, LCSW, MBA

The majority of DBT skills are about reaching long-term goals, and surprisingly few are about feeling better at the moment. Acting opposite to a painful emotion is an awesome skill to help feel more grounded in short order. This webinar explores how to add opposite actions to your individual toolbox.

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