Charlie Swenson, MD, and Kelly Koerner, Ph.D.,  both internationlly known experts on personality disorders, hosted the first of their monthly educational seminar  Sunday evening March 25th 8pm to 9pm EST. Next  call will be on April 29th.  Recording posted Monday evening March 26th.  To register, send an email to  Message: Connecting the Dots.  Message name and phone number.The hour will be an informal, informational discussion hour on topics related to treatment.  Not a training or a seminar with power points or assignments, rather it is a conversation that might connect the dots among interests of researchers, clinicians, clients, families, advocates, administrators.  The topics will include DBT but not confined to DBT. The first topic is “Beginnings”, including the beginnings of therapy, of relationships, of various endeavors, and of course, the series. Register for the series, email Subject:  Call-in Kelly and Charlie.  Message: name , affiliation and phone number.