These offices hours will be held via video conference to address questions that researchers have about RDoC.

“The RDoC Unit and RDoC Working Group members are very active in the research community—presenting at conferences, hosting webinars, and publishing on various aspects of RDoC,” said Dr. Sarah Morris, associate director of the RDoC Unit. “These office hours will be a unique opportunity for the research community to connect directly with us and have conversations about the initiative.”

Topics that may be addressed during the office hours include the basic principles of the initiative, general queries about designing and applying for grants based on RDoC principals, and the role of RDoC within NIMH and its relationship to other initiatives. Specific questions regarding scores on individual grant applications or detailed program advice will be redirected to the relevant program officers.

Dr. Bruce Cuthbert, director of the NIMH RDoC Unit noted, “This is an excellent way for the research community and others to experience the open nature of RDoC. We have always intended and tried to make it as accessible to everyone as possible.”

RDoC office hours will be held on the second Friday of every month from 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. ET. Sign up for email reminders for the RDoC office hour sessions. Visit the RDoC Educational and Training Resources page for more information.