Videos of the fun that went with the serious work. Singers include: Marsha Linehan, Charlie Swenson, with Alec Miller at the piano.  Click Read More to view the videos

Go to  youtube link to see four songs performed at ISITDBT AT OPRYLAND in Nashville last month. Headlined by Cowgirl Vocalist Marsha Linehan, previously better known as world-transforming psychologist, you can also see the surprising talents of Piano Man Alec Miller, Rockabilly Guitarists Adam Payne and Clive Robins, Lyricist and Stage Director Charlie Swenson, Karaoke Star Shireen Rizvi, Exposure Diva Melanie Harned, and Backup Songster Helen Best.  Filmed by Michael Roy and staff from Clearview Treatment Center in L.A.

Song sheets: