International Conference: The Family as a Resource – Family Matters – A Different Way of Acting Therapeutic, Quality and Sustainable in Mental Health and Addictions

Friday, May 31, 2019


Marco Vaggi Psychiatrist, Director of the Department of Mental Health and Addictions ASL3 Genoa
Perry Hoffman, PhD International President of NEA BPD (National Education Alliance for BPD)
Maria Elena Ridolfi Psychiatrist, National President of NEA BPD and Director of the CSM of Fano
Roberta Rossi Psychologist and psychotherapist researcher Irccs Fatebenefratelli Brescia

Thoughts from our Public Member – Chris Kallas

Many of you know of the existence of the Family Connections program. Run under the auspices of NEABPD, The National Education Alliance for BPD, Family Connections is a program for family members of people who have BPD. Every year end, my co-facilitator and I gear up for a new Family Connections group starting in January.


Gap Conference – Waltham Woods, Waltham, MA

This Course features world-renowned faculty including:

Anthony W. Bateman, MA, FRC. Psych;  Peter Fonagy, PhD;  Mary Zanarini, EdD;  Carla Sharp, PhD;  Trudie Rossouw, MD;  Jill Hooley, PhD;  Marisa Silveri, PhD;  Alan Fruzzetti, PhD.


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Research and Strategies for Treating Adolescents and Families Affected by Borderline Personality Disorder

This one-day conference aims to inform mental health professionals, school personnel, pediatricians, as well as individuals and their families impacted by borderline personality disorder. Experts will discuss the importance of early detection, accurate diagnosis, treatment goals, specific DBT skills to help adolescents and family members, DBT-based parenting interventions and a peer-led program for families. We are honored to have people share their lived experiences and their successful navigation through the obstacles of symptoms and treatment.

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