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FACT:  Health Insurance coverage for effective BPD treatments is limited.

FACT:  People diagnosed with borderline personality disorder are treated differently in justice diversion programs as compared to other mental health diagnoses

FACT:  Compare this prevalence in the US population to the funding provided, and we see that BPD is significantly underfunded compared to other Axis I disorders (Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar, Anxiety, Depression, etc.).


NEABPD is dedicated to BPD advocacy to reduce stigma, create cultural and social change, change unfair practices related to people with BPD, push for legislative change through grassroots activism, and anything else the organization decides the public should be aware of and help with. Our advocacy campaigns allow everyone to play a small part in decreasing stigma and raising awareness around BPD.

Our advocacy efforts generate public support, empower, and tackle the root problems while involving our community. We aim to make a difference while raising awareness for the causes and issues that matter most to people with BPD, their family members, and the mental health community that treats patients with BPD.

Sometimes the only thing that prevents you from taking action is that you didn’t realize you could make a difference. Please know that each small step can lead to real change. The more advocacy supporters we have, the greater our reach and opportunities to address core issues.

Whether you can tell your story about insurance denials, write a letter about how finding effective treatment led you to a life worth living, visit a policymaker to discuss justice diversion or have an interest in serving on our Advocacy Committee, click here to express your interest in volunteering for our advocacy efforts.

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