Ask The Liaisons

Here are the questions we (and the group) answered, in order:

  1. How can we get help teaching the new Module 6?
  2. What validation handouts are there?
  3. What if the class seems like they already are using validation – will it really take 3 classes to teach Module 5?
  4. How can you graciously but firmly interrupt people when they talk too much?
  5. How can you stimulate discussion when the group seems rather quiet?
  6. How can you focus on leading FC when you are in the midst of a crisis with your loved one?
  7. How can you draw out people who don’t talk much or at all, and others are always answering the questions?
  8. Should we review the questions listed at the end of each module? And what about the questions listed during the module?
  9. What do you do when someone in the group drops an unexpected “bombshell” such as they are being physically abused on a regular basis by their loved one? How to deal with serious issues like that and how to help the group get back to baseline after a share like that.
  10. What if your co-leader brings in “extra” information and worksheets into the course?