Thoughts from our Public Member – Chris Kallas

Many of you know of the existence of the Family Connections program. Run under the auspices of NEABPD, The National Education Alliance for BPD, Family Connections is a program for family members of people who have BPD. Every year end, my co-facilitator and I gear up...

Gap Conference – Waltham Woods, Waltham, MA

This Course features world-renowned faculty including: Anthony W. Bateman, MA, FRC. Psych;  Peter Fonagy, PhD;  Mary Zanarini, EdD;  Carla Sharp, PhD;  Trudie Rossouw, MD;  Jill Hooley, PhD;  Marisa Silveri, PhD;  Alan Fruzzetti,...

Mentalizing, Mentalization-Based Treatment and BPD

Mentalizing, Mentalization-Based Treatment and BPD by Anthony Bateman | Episode 19